How can we guarantee quality?
As a business that places a high priority on quality, we diligently attend to every small detail to ensure that every product we manufacture is of the highest calibre. Some of our customs that enable us to uphold our pledges to quality include: Rigorous supervision of the production process by a skilled team of quality engineers at every stage focused acquisition of premium raw materials Before production can start, metallurgical testing must be approved. Periodic examinations several quality checks to make sure the items are error-free What are the various quality checks that we perform? Each of our items must pass rigorous testing before we can confidently claim that there are no flaws in them. Various tests that we run include:
  • - Drop Test
  • - Hydraulic Test
  • - Leakage Test
  • - Melt Flow Index test
  • - Rolling Test
  • - Stake Load Test
  • - UV Stabilizer test
  • Our Monitoring Tests include
  • - Color uniformity test
  • - Light test
  • - Printing Adhesive Test
  • - Weight uniformity test