The testing facilities and equipment at Pentax Plastics Pvt. Ltd. are state-of-the art are modern.

Rigorous care is taken in testing in order to ensure excellent quality and complete customer satisfaction, which is a hallmark of Pentax Plastics Pvt. Ltd. The following is a list of the procedures and tests that are carried out at our testing labs :-

  • Water bath for environment stress
  • Platform for test drop from different heights and angles
  • Stacking test platform
  • Electronic balance for checking of weight of finished products and spares
  • Hydraulic Test
  • Neck Leakage testing area for testing of neck leakage

The testing of the product is destructive in nature, thus a system of statistical quality control is followed. From a batch, random sampling is done and the chosen samples are tested as representatives of the entire mass. The norms for testing are as per ISI and UN standards depending on the end use

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