Blow moulding machines are used in manufacturing of plastic drums. Blow Moulding machines are fully computerized machines and are based on Micro-processor technology. Thus the variation IS minimum.

The Quality Control department keeps a constant check on variation in various batches Produced.

To start with, the raw material are poured in the hooper of the Machine. Process time is set up depending on the product to be produced.

The raw material is then heatedby eletric power than the melted material Is passed in the mould fitted on the machine which is immediately cooled.

And when the melted material become solid it takes the required shape as Per the mould installed in the machine. The number of pieces per mould depends on the cavities in the mould.

After the article is produced on the machine, the same is smoothened and unnecessary parts are removed from The article produced.

Printing is normally done on screen printing machine And finally the product is sent for packing.